Friday, February 18, 2011

Welcome to 2011

Hello all SSA members! Hopefully some of you reading this will be new members discovering our blog after joining up the fantastic Macquarie University Singapore Students Association during O-Week.

Firstly, this is a message to welcome everyone to 2011. Previous years have been big ones for the SSA and full of amazing events and great times, and we're sure that 2011 will be no exception!

Secondly and most importantly, this is a message to thank the outgoing SSA committee from 2010. We've seen some really special and incredibly hard working people helping to make the SSA the great society it is.

Kai Liang, the excellent President, charismatic and cool leading the SSA through 2010, survived the process of former President Stanley's inscrutable election system to be a popular and successful President in 2010.

Bobby, the biggest star of the SSA, our master chef and Vice President, always expert at getting things done.

Aloysius, the Treasurer looking after all our money and a vital part of organising the SSA.

Yzee, one half of the best ever SSA advertising team, responsible for many colourful and entertaining event emails (only forgetting to include the date/time of events some of the time!).

Namdev the legendary Sports and Social director. Whenever you want to find Dev, take a peek in the Ubar he may well be there. Long standing and loyal SSA member.

All the departing committee will be missed and we thank them many times for their outstanding contributions!

After an O-Week wrap-up, we will introduce you to the new committee for 2011. Stay tuned!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

2010 Singapore Students' Inter-Varsity Combined Sports Meet Review

April 11th, 2010 - After all the planning and organising gathering enthusiastic competitors and spectators from all corners of four universities, the big day of the 2010 Singapore Inter-Varsity Combined Sports Meet arrived and everyone was pumped up for a day full of sporting action.

Uniforms were handed out (Macquarie University in grey, University of New South Wales in light blue, University of Sydney the red and Australian National University in white) and all competitors took their places and warmed up around the Olympic Park Sports Centre, on a day which was proving to be perfect conditions for sports.

The football, netball and basketball tournaments took place simultaneously on three courts meaning that those not playing could easily switch from one to the other to cheer on their university. The loudest cheers of the day surely came from the football final where ANU defeated UNSW, however the Macquarie basketball team nearly blew the roof off the Sports Centre with the roars of their fans in their final match for the day.

Following a well deserved pizza break out on the grass, everyone lined up once more for the captain's ball tournament, a hard fought battle (with plenty of laughs and thrills) which was an epic way to conclude a long and glorious day of competition.

Once all the games had completed and all the cans of 100Plus had been drank (huge thanks to 100Plus, with which we could not have survived the gruelling day without!), University of New South Wales finished as the overall champions of the day, taking home the trophy in Basketball, Netball and Captain's ball. Australian National University took home the football tournament.

In the warm evening outside the Sports Centre our special guest, the National Population Secretary under the Prime Minister's Office in Singapore, Mr Goh Kok Wee was on hand to present the medals and trophies to the deserving champions of the day. Macquarie University ended the day in 2nd place overall, a terrific effort for our Singaporean superstars. Without a doubt, this was surely the most exciting and best event that any combined societies of universities have put on all year.

Massive thanks to everyone who put in the hard time and effort to secure the venue, organise the teams, uniforms and trophies. Thanks to all the competitors from all four universities to came out to Olympic Park, especially ANU coming all the way up from Canberra! Also massive thanks to the event sponsors 100Plus, Network of Singapore Students in Australia, Merlion Club Melbourne and Overseas Singaporean, who helped make it possible to put on such a wonderful event.

Already looking forward to next year!

"Once a Singaporean, always a Singaporean!"

Friday, April 2, 2010

Singapore Students' Inter-Varsity Combined Sports Challenge


The first ever University of NSW, University of Sydney, Australian National University and the greatest of them all, MACQUARIE UNIVERSITY combined sports meet! A historic 4-way meeting between the powerhouse clubs of our respective universities, with pride and honour at stake! (Maybe!)

Sunday, April 11, 2010
9:00am - 5:30pm
Sydney Olympic Park Sports Centre

Following is the list of sports and requirements for each:

1) Indoor soccer (2 teams of 9 -> 6 players and 3 substitutes) (girls are welcome to participate and the incentive is that 1 goal scored by a girl equates to 2 goals scored by a boy. So get out there and put some in the back of the net ladies!)

2) Basketball (1 team of 10 -> 5 players and 5 substitutes) (once again, girls are invited to participate as their contribution to the score board will be double those from boys ~ slam dunk!)

3) Tennis (2 teams of 6-10 -> minimum of 3 boys 3 girls and maximum of 5 boys 5 girls) (Please note: you need to bring YOUR OWN racket)

4) Netball (1 team of 13 -> 7 players and 6 substitutes) (girls-only sport - sorry guys)

5) Captain's ball (1 team of 10 -> 7 players and 3 substitutes) (mixed sport, though girls get the "double score" advantage here too!)

6) Inter-university relay (number of participants to be finalised, mixed participation)

This is so you can be guaranteed a place in 2010's biggest sporting event (even bigger than a little something taking place in South Africa in a few months....)

Also please let us know whether you will travel out there yourself or if you require transport. Players and spectators alike ~ Please note that there are limited seats available for the transport, so if you need transport, register early!

Don't think that this is just a bunch of random sports played on the same day ~ There will be a Championship Trophy awarded to the uni with the most points accumulated through the meet and also prizes for winners of each individual sport. Moreover, there will be consolation prizes!

Additional details:
Fee for participants - $5 (including one way transport to Sydney Olympic Park, lunch and drinks)

Fee for spectators - $3 (including one way transport to Sydney Olympic Park, lunch and drinks)

Derek - / 0411356712
Namdev - / 0433307282

If you are interested in either participating or supporting, please EMAIL either one of the two contacts above with your full name, contact details, year of study, course and whether you require transport.
For interested participants, please indicate which sport/s you would like and do include any experience you might have in the sport. If you have any queries, feel free to call either one of them as well. Thanks!

PLEASE support this fantastic event by participating or coming on down to encourage your friends and the MQ SSA! You can also help by inviting other people who might be interested in participating or supporting!

Non-SSA members welcome to come along and cheer ~ but if you want to play, you've gotta be SSA!